Iridología del ojo marrón (para PC/Windows)
September 7, 2017
September 23, 2022
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(For those who want an economical way to capture the human or animal iris in real time and save the images direct into their computer)

· A very cost-efficient way to capture iris images

· Height adjustable monopod

· Wheels on monopod platform allow manual camera movement in all directions (forward, back, from right eye to left eye)

· Focus wheel on camera allows you to capture sharp images of the iris at a small distance without ever contacting the clients face (this is beneficial over cameras that have eye cups that cover and contact the clients face as some clients such as the elderly or small children cannot open their eyes in this way enough and are often difficult to photograph)

· Lightweight and easy to take with you during your travels

· Can be used in conjunction with our Clamp on Head and Chin Stand (Recommended)

· Camera resolution 2 Megapixels allows for quality iris images (see below)

· Strong internal Led lighting allows the light reflection spot to be centered inside the pupil area and not affect analysis in the iris (with other iridology cameras the light spots show up in the iris)

· Lighting intensity can be adjusted

· Camera attaches to your computer by USB, no other power outlet is required

· Includes Video software to see, capture and save the image in real time on your computer screen

· Allows you to directly capture and instantly save the image on your computer without downloading as in digital cameras

· PC or Mac compatible

· Please note: if you intend to use the FYEO iridology analysis software with this camera you will need have a PC as FYEO software is not compatible with MAC.

· Comes with 1 year limited warranty

· Designed by an iridologist for iridologists