There are no prerequisites for our certified course programs. All certified course programs include exams which can be sent to us by email.  A score of 80 percent is required as a passing grade.  If you do not achieve 80 percent or more on your first attempt, you can resubmit your exam at any time that you are ready as many times as is necessary to achieve the required 80 percent minimum.  There are no time limits.  Some students are able to complete the course requirements in a month, the average is about 3 months, and some students have taken more than a year depending on their time schedule.  Once the course fee has been paid, you can start at any time you like or defer the course to any time you wish.  Courses are downloaded through a link to your PC computer. Once they are downloaded you do not have to be online to proceed.

After all requirements are completed for the course, as well as successful completion of all examinations, certification will be issued in the form of a certificate which will be mailed to your address.  The certificate includes international accreditation with the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). Students who have completed any one of our certified course programs can then apply with the IPHM to become a member and / or to arrange insurance coverage.