September 23, 2022
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· Economical way to offer color therapy to your clients

· Great for massage therapists who wish to offer this new service to their clients

· Includes retractable pull-out nylon hanging line (up to 12m/ 39 feet) which is easy to connect on both ends in whatever room space you have

· Allows you to hang the color therapy light above the client in your therapy room and slide i it across from top to bottom of their body

· Excellent for color therapy to the 7 chakras

· Tension of the line can be easily adjusted

· Includes programmable multi-color color therapy light

· Uses only 6 watts of energy

· Working voltage 100-264 Volts with universal adapter (can be used anywhere in the world)

· Programmable multi-color color therapy light can be activated by Bluetooth through your mobile or cell phone or tablet (Apple or Android devices, I Phone, I Pad, Android phone, tablet) from a distance

· Uses LED color technology specially designed directional point light for color therapy (120 degree emitting angle)

· Very safe and comfortable for your clients as bulb does not heat up

· Includes Free downloadable app

· Colors and Timer can be set through your app to control your lighting color and time

· Sliding hook allow you to quickly move the color therapy light to any position on the body

· Virtually any color of the visible spectrum can be administered

· Comes with instruction manual

· Comes with free Color Therapy Healing Recommendations for assisting over 100 health problems